New Year 2014


As 2014 begins I have taken some time out today to think about what I want to achieve in the coming year.


Part of this process is looking back to achievements in 2013 and building on those whilst acknowledging things that did not happen as planned or were completely unsuccessful. I think it is Ok to make mistakes as it shows you are trying new things and often valuable lessons can be learned from these mistakes by evaluating what you did, why and how next time it can be changed to give you the results that you would like.

Celebrating your successes and remembering how it felt when you achieved them is however even more important to me. By doing this you create a feel good factor to take into the new year that can be built on to achieve more and greater things if that is what you want to do.It is these successes that helped me through a tough personal year and made me realise what I can achieve even in difficult circumstances. Part of this I put down to finding “The Act of Attraction” a programme by Tamsen Garrie which aims  to help you achieve and attract the success that you want. I bought the book and followed its processes to help me be clear on what I wanted to achieve. I will now be part of a group in 2014 to take this forward to greater levels.

Having looked back I then moved on to thinking about what I want to achieve in 2014. Whilst I will not be sharing the exact details here as I don’t want to bore you the following are the sentiments of what I want to do: I will be trying new things including a new medium and subject along with mastering producing videos, google+, a webinar and new products. I want increase my income to give me greater financial freedom to choose to do more for others particularly charities that I support. I would love to have the opportunity to do large commisioned pieces for a hotel or public building and somehow need to find a way for this to happen. On a personal level I want to keep on learning about being a better person both emotionally and business wise, be healthier and fitter, travel more to new places than I have in 2013, teach more cooking to my sons whilst supporting them through important years for them both, declutter my house and garden, find different walks and I am going to write down my successes and put them in a jar to open on New Years eve at the end of the year. This will remind me of all the little and big things that have gone well and made me feel great in the months gone by. A great way to start 2015.

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