My Selfish Portrait


Many artists at some point do a self-portrait. I actually do not paint people..I have done one painting with a person/god in it in 2011 about a year after I started painting. Thats it my total experience of painting people! So I looked on it as a hobby and not a serious or proper part of my work hence taking off any pressure to create something I actually liked! So I did take some photos and sketched briefly using charcoal an outline to follow. NOT BEING ABLE TO DRAW HAS NOT BEEN A HINDRANCE IN BEING ABLE TO PAINT! This canvas is 150 x 100 cm and hence the painting is actually slightly larger than life size as I love painting big..the bigger the better! The background is completed first and this one was done using primarily palette knives with a little brush work. Metallics and a dusting of fine glitters go on last to give a depth to the work in artificial light that is not seen as much in natural light.


The next step was to use knives to fill in the body colours with the face being done with brushes. The face is interesting with its complete contrast to the colours of the body. Having studied the painting and thought about why this is I believe it is that this work represents me from 6 months ago during a traumatic year in my life. The face is a mask to the world hiding the emotions from this time. It will be interesting perhaps to do another portrait in 6 months time and see if the face changes as the trauma lessens it hold!

Personally I am pleased with the resulting painting as it feels as if I am leaving this emotion behind and moving to a better person who has accepted this is a part of my future life.

IMG_0110 IMG_6480

I also have not been put off doing more human forms in my work into the future which is a definite result and I am glad that I spent this time selfishly doing something for myself. Who knows I may sell this piece in the future at some point once I have let it go in a final way.

Commissions possibly welcome!

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