Making a Difference!


This is really important to me! It is a value that has been in my life from an early age having been passed down to me from my father who did a lot of charity work when he was alive. I think its why I became a wildlife conservationist and environmentalist being able to combine my passion for wildlife and wanting to make a difference in peoples lives and to the world in which we live. I currently sponsor a child in Uganda through Plan UK paying for his schooling and contributing towards the local community where he lives.

In the past I have worked with Lions club international alongside my father and mother, doing teas and coffees in Newark hospital for WRVS, assisting in a secure psychiatric hospital, working looking after big animals such as horses and donkeys at Wood Green Animal centre near Huntingdon, voluntary conservation work, at my sons school, guide at Longthorpe Tower Peterborough amongst other things throughout my life. I do it because I believe its important to me and to our society in a number of ways. I believe that we all should think of others and not just ourselves, others need help at certain times and maybe I will need that help at some time and that showing others including my children that we should all contribute if we can is important. Most of the voluntary work I have done I have enjoyed but not always-thats what happens in life. I have met some amazing people in terrible circumstances and become friends with other volunteers enhancing my own life and well-being!

I still volunteer today and we continue to volunteer as long as I can in life. I also want to make contributions to charities from the proceeds of my paintings whether that be donating a painting to raise money. creating a special painting for a particular cause and personal involvement with some charities. This is one of the reasons I am here on this planet-to serve others! I will not always be able to do everything I would like to but this is one of the reasons I have become an artist. So when you buy a painting from me you can know that some of the proceeds will be going to a good cause!



If its something you have never done please have a think about it…it can bring much to your life as well as to others who need your help….there are so many charities that need people to help them help others. Do something worthwhile today!

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