Flowers of the world


There is something powerful for me about flowers…they are transient,coming and going,not staying the same, they may flower one year and not the next, some are hardy and some are tender and sensitive,there are all different colours which are put together in combinations that many people would never choose but they always look beautiful, they feel soft and hard, some flowers are tiny and some are large, some you wouldn’t know are flowers and hence are secret and however much we tried we will never see all the different types of flowers in the world!

Flowers are also a part of many human celebrations and have many cultural meanings. The simple act of giving flowers is for me thrilling and beautiful. I love walking around the garden and places photographing flowers to keep them in the depths of winter when there are few outside! I photograph flowers everywhere,noticing them often when others do not. Because they do not last long they often seem indulgent although for many they are a necessity in everyday life connecting us to a world of nature that seems so far away in our everyday lives.

Painting flowers is popular in every medium that artists use and every genre of art portrays flowers in a different way. Its all a matter of what you prefer..some will love watercolours with an exact representation of that flower and others myself included prefer a bright colourful, large abstract version. I love to google paintings of flowers or look at pinterest as well as flowers are so visual in nature.

DSCF4463 IMG_6535

At this time of year it is so delightful to see the early spring flowers popping through the soil with their bright sparks of colour. I love to find old houses with gardens to visit to see drifts of flowers across the landscape inspiring me that spring itself is on the way. My favourites are the delicate white of snowdrops contrasting with the yellow of winter aconites.

Flowers make my heart and soul sing. Our world without them would seem a desolate place indeed!

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