The Tower Poppies petition-why I am NOT signing!


Why I am NOT signing this petition!

The poppies at The Tower is incredible,stunning,moving,reflective and just fabulous..I love it on so many levels but it was intended to go by the artist..the deaths were throughout the war and have been represented by the poppies gradually appearing and then the war ended….the poppies go! I think thats an important part of the emotion around this installation! Is it being kept because its a great tourist attraction? Well as someone who is not usually cynical please excuse me thinking there might be something in that and I don’t like cynical…There has been a huge amount of publicity from the early days and if people had truly wanted to see it then they have had the time to do it. People may say I don’t understand..well I do. My family has a military history as do so many others and I have many friends involved in various conflicts. My husband is an expert on WWI and I have been involved with the history and emotion of the time for many years. I am also an artist and one who is creating a series of paintings about significant events from the WWI and have therefore been emotionally involved in art and the emotions around the WWI. All the poppies have been sold and will raise much needed funds. Those people put their money and emotion into this concept and supported the artist in his work as well as supporting the charity that will benefit.They should get their poppies probably wanted as a personal act of remembrance.

On a practical level Ceramic poppies-frost and ice not usually a good combination.

I understand that more people want to see this fabulous remembrance to the fallen. I get that but the time is nearly gone…there are more events planned for the next 4 years why not get involved with those…. LET IT GO!




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