Why Art is Important for your Business!


Have you ever sat in a dull office waiting for a meeting looking around you and thinking how boring and uninspiring white plain walls are and then thought is this a dull company I am looking to work with? Have you ever thought about the impression your dull white walls have on your employees and potential clients?

NO-well you should because that first impression counts more than you might think!

Art can be very important in branding a company image (and here I don’t mean your logo)and can change how people view you, your business and what you do. It can give a pleasant experience for your employees and you but also for your potential and actual clients as well as being a talking point that can break that ice on the first meeting.

'LYVEDEN NATIONAL TRUST-THE DAWN OAK' AFRICA-THE ZEBRA Painting by Charron Pugsley-Hill THE FLOWERS OF BARNSDALE GARDENS original painting by Charron Pugsley-Hill


The art that you choose shows your personality or that of your business- it should make you feel good and smile when you look at it and it certainly looks so much better than a bare wall.


Art is about pride in a place of work and what you do. It shows that you care about your employees, the place of work and the experience that is gained by coming to you and your business. Employees want to feel good about their location and this pride is good for them as it motivates and thats good for business!

Choose an artist who you love or one who is passionate about art in the workplace and rid yourself of those white walls and if you would like to work with me then here are some reasons why:

I work WITH you as my work is bespoke and tailor-made for you whether its prints or original work and each project is about you and how much or little you want to be involved in the process. I am passionate about collaboration and the results from it.

I will take you on a creative journey that will educate and entertain you as  well as encourage you and give you more confidence about art.


Felted flowers made by Volunteers Poppy dog surrounded by FLORALIA felted flowers

I am an international artist with a distinctive style who brings her perspective,personality and heart and soul into each project that I work on bringing connections and stories to help make amazing things happen


Lets get rid of those uninspiring office walls and make you stand out from the crowd!Lets make more offices happy and colourful!


Contact me on 07966 208282 for a chat or email me charronpugsleyhill@me.com












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