Why You Should Collaborate in Your Business!


Collaboration is the action of working with someone to produce something.Simples. It doesn’t have to be any more complicated than that or it could be very complicated by working with lots of people on a big involved project.


Most businesses collaborate at some point but often without thinking about it-you might bring in someone who has skills you aren’t confident about such as social media or marketing but there is a huge area of collaboration that you might be missing out on that potentially could change the way you work,what you work on and actually change your business fundamentally for the better….

When I say this i mean working with someone who might seem poles apart from your business  but by working and spending time with them you are inspired, energised, encouraged and gain the confidence to do new things in business and in life.



In my experience collaboration has led to a complete new way of working in addition to creating the original paintings that I am known with. I met Eve Marshall through Art in the Heart Gallery in Peterborough and to be honest it took a while before we got past small talk-I liked her but there was no thought we wouiid ever work together -Eve is a felter who creates beautiful objects and pictures from wool. We just got talking one day and I found myself saying why don’t we spend some time working together and planning a 2 day time out session at my studio with Eve staying overnight to do some felting and painting. There was no expectations about what we would create together if anything and I think this was crucial-there was no pressure, no time limits or constraints and boundaries-it was going to be what it was at that time, in that moment. Again important as things come together in a moment, in a place, with the people that are present. It should be as much about the process as the result, freeing those creative processes that will then go back into your business creating new products and new ways of thinking that could lead to new and exciting things.


That first session with Eve and I created several scarves and an amazing reversible dog coat shown in the magazine LANDSCAPE



but the trust and respect that we created has led onto FLORALIA-my first installation ever at an international art exhibition -see blog on it and now I am working on an emotional piece that would never have been created as part of my WWI series that will travel to Belgium-more on this in the next few months. All because of a collaboration combining trust, respect for each others work and as  individuals and allowing ourselves the time and freedom to experiment,listen, support,fun and learn.



It has taken me in a short space of time to new things based still on my fundamental work but new exciting work that will push me forward in new directions in the future. Am I going to collaborate more-definitely and already I am working with a gorgeous poet Keely Mills whose words I love as I want to make beautiful words together to go alongside my art and get my message to more people in the way I mean them to be heard.

What have you got to lose from thinking about a possible collaboration? You might have everything to gain!

Creative people are great people to collaborate with as they can help you release your creativity to get you thinking of whats possible and to boldly go where no business has gone before…..

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