THE HARE AND THE ECLIPSE-Original painting by Peterborough Artist Charron Pugsley-Hill


Would you like to surprise someone special with a bespoke piece of art made especially with them in mind?

This painting was discussed 5 months ago with the husband  as a special surprise present for his wife’s birthday this May. The brief a hare in pink gazing at the moon in your meadow. Pretty clear then…..Now I don’t draw a painting out although occasionally I will make a few marks to place a painting usually where the painting is a commission and the brief is this clear.

So I made some marks on the canvas and it sat there-nothing going inspiration or desire to paint. I always trust myself to be in the right mood to paint and only work on one painting at a time so it sat there…no work going on for over a week…..

Then the eclipse came and I went out with friends in the countryside near Peterborough to experience this pretty uninspiring partial eclipse I have to admit! And this is what I was waiting for…..It was meant to be- the eclipsed moon in the painting and off I went working on the painting like a hare loloping across the meadow……



One thing I would say is that I really hate doing is whiskers…they are essential and yet so scary as they make or break an animals character…..and apart from the signature are the last bit of the work for me.



Surprising a client is always slightly nerve wracking as you never know if they will connect with a painting or not. This is why I have a happiness guarantee with commissions!

I love that look on faces when they can feel the emotions with/behind  a painting and they connect with the art and the emotions. Its truly incredible to be able to create work that moves someone heart and soul!

There is a painting for every person and a person for every painting!

Please get in touch if you have someone with a special birthday coming up and you would like to commission some art especially for them! Viewings by appointment in my studio in Peterborough. Email me on


Love Charron x

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