This week in my Peterborough studio has been a bit crazy since THE BLANKET OF POPPIES hit the press-I sent out a press release to 4 places of which 3 took the story and then it made BBC NEWS ONLINE. This was fabulous as it meant that I have been contacted by people far and wide who wanted to join in with the workshops to create poppies that would be part of the blanket. I am immensely grateful for all the interest support and contacts that have been made this last week from that press coverage. Thank you to all who made the effort to get in touch many of whom I managed to get into the planned workshops and also those who I have been unable to include for many reasons but including work and distance.







THE BLANKET OF POPPIES is part of a series of work that I am creating to commemorate significant events people and places from WWI a hundred years on -more information is available in my other blogs on WWI.

Workshops 2 and 3 were held this week with a total of 18 large,36 small and 18 leaves created from wool fluff into felt and decorated with embroidery beads and other bits of bling and beauty. The fabulous Artisan felter Eve Marshall is working with me to teach the ladies how to felt and create the poppies.She has huge experience in teaching all types of felting activities. The large poppies are for the blanket, the small ones for brooches and a shawl  and the leaves are also for the blanket. I talk and tell the story and explain the whats and why and take photos and film-for a film I am making about Edith Cavell and the project.



IMG_6684 IMG_9883

Every woman who came is now one of the 49-Edith Cavell was 49 when she was executed on 12th October 1915 by the germans in WWI for helping allied soldiers escape from occupied Brussels. Every woman who came had a great time and loved that they were a part of this work and yes I do know this-every woman has a reason for taking part and these vary enormously and each is special and precious. I love this part of my work bringing people together who connect in a shared aim in a moment in time to make a precious memory for the future-so powerful and strong-women working together.Poet Keely Mills is working with me to capture some of these stories and write about the story of Edith Cavell.  Ladies if you are reading this thank you so much for taking part-this has been such a precious and incredible experience for me and having you come into my life in this way is so special like all of you! A real mix of ladies including several disabled ladies, Chair of The Royal College of Nursing Historical Society, Artists, nurses, business women etc.

IMG_4424 IMG_4423 IMG_4341 IMG_4280




IMG_4328 IMG_4321

Following the workshops there will be a lot of work to put the poppies together with the centrepiece to create the artwork commemorating the life work and execution of Edith Cavell-no pressure then to live up to all the beautiful work these ladies have created.


The centre of THE BLANKET OF POPPIES by Artist Charron Pugsley-Hill IMG_6598


More blogs will follow regarding the creation of THE BLANKET OF POPPIES-Please get in touch if you have any questions or go to my website where prints of some of my work on WWI are available for sale.

Thanks for reading!

Charron x

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