THE FLOWERS OF GOLD-New Series of Original Paintings by Peterborough Artist Charron Pugsley-Hill


I paint flowers, lots of them as I love flowers-the colours, sizes, shapes, the fragileness and just the way that they make me feel. I love them in the garden, in the wild and in a vase as well as on dresses and everything else. You can never have enough flowers in my book! My original paintings all have metallics and fine glitters that reflect and change with differing light conditions. I have recently used a little gold leaf on some of my paintings but for a while I have had in my head the vision of THE FLOWERS OF GOLD-lots of flowers with lots of gold leaf. Ever since I became aware of Gustav Klimt and his work which also includes lots of flowers and gold leaf although in a very different style I have wanted to use lots of gold leaf. But as always I wait for the right time to create-when the vision in my head and my intuition say NOW IS THE TIME TO CREATE THIS! This has ben the time to work on this new work which also includes swirls which I just do not want to leave out as I love them and maybe I should a blog on the why of swirls…..


THE FLOWERS OF GOLD I Acrylics, metallics, fine glitters and gold leaf 75 x 50 x 4 cm £695



THE FLOWERS OF GOLD II Acrylics, metallics,fine glitters and gold leaf 100 x 100 x 4cm £1195


And some cropped images showing the gold leaf and flowers from the above the paintings-


IMG_7314 IMG_7310 IMG_7296

IMG_6958 IMG_6959

Placing these paintings on a wall where the light changes during the day shows the metallic and gold leaf  where you would see it at its best. This gives you a work of art that constantly changes when you look at it in your home or office. You cannot see these changes in photographs although I have tried to give an idea of this above. Hope that you like this new work and there will be more to come!


Please contact me if you are interested  in purchasing either of these original paintings on 07966 208282. Commissions in this style are available if you would like particular colours to fit with your existing colour scheme or your favourite colours.



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