Autumn colours have been attracting  my gaze over the last couple of weeks as I think its been the best autumnal colour for a few years certainly here in Peterborough. Usually oranges and yellows are not the colours that I am attracted to most but when they are on tall statuesque trees then its a completely different thing.

IMG_1034                  IMG_1068


The roadsides around Peterborough have been planted with lots of different species of tree which means lots of different shades of colours come autumn. Stunning to see the reds, greens, yellows, oranges and browns against the stunning blue skies that we have had recently.



The seasons in Britain are one of the things that makes our island such a special place-change happens and then renewal happens as the seasons move through the year. It reminds us of the changes that take place in each living thing including humans. Our emotions and physicality differs in each season whether we are aware of it or not. Would you really want to see a landscape that doesn’t change-always the same?

IMG_2793 IMG_2800

Autumn is a time of harvest of crops, blackberries, sloes and berries. A recent festival of Harvest in Peterborough inspired me to create HARVEST GOLD an original painting in acrylics, metallics, fine glitters and gold leaf on canvas. 60 x 60 cm. £750 To purchase this painting please email me at happy art@charronpugsleyhill.com and I will of course be happy to help!


HARVEST GOLD Charron Pugsley-Hill

I hope that you have enjoyed these autumnal colours especially if you can’t get out and see them for yourselves. Why not get out there this weekend in the woodlands and enjoy autumn and that feel good factor that being in nature can give you!!

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