PASSCHENDAELE LANDS An original painting by WWI commemoration Artist Charron Pugsley-Hill


1917 saw one of the most iconic battles of World War I at Passchendaele (English spelling ) or Passendale the name now used by the Belgiums today. This battle saw  275,000 men under British command and 220,000 Germans lose their lives in the mud of Flanders with 18,000 bodies believed still to be held in...
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SYMPHONY OF SPRING-An Original Painting by Nature Artist Charron Pugsley-Hill


Spring is a time of newness, of rebirth and new beginnings. A time to bring new energies to the world following the quietness of the winter months.Spring follows winter as growth follows the germination of seed. The colours become fresher and brighter with the new growth of  tree leaves and plants such as bluebells and...
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An Artists Obsession with Feathers-by Nature Artist Charron Pugsley-Hill


Why have I become obsessed with feathers? Why am I seeing them everywhere at the moment? It all began with the installation PERSEPHONE’S BED AUTUMN as I saw moulted feathers everywhere as I was creating this piece-I collected them and popped them in a jar-they came out for the installation and then were put in...
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crystallised flowers on cake-charron Pugsley-Hill

How to Crystallise Flowers-More Flowers by Flower Artist Charron Pugsley-Hill


I just love flowers…all flowers in every shape, size, colour, scent and place. You can tell this from my paintings and installations as it is rare not to find flowers in each and everyone. Wildflowers or garden flowers, it just doesn’t matter. Something in me changes when I look, touch and smell them……and theres also...
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THE CONSCRIPT Part of my series of WWI Commemoration Art by Artist Charron Pugsley-Hill


THE CONSCRIPT is an original painting created to commemorate the millions of horses that died in WWI as well as those taken from civilian life to war. This original painting 100 x 100 x 4cm on canvas in acrylics, metallics and fine glitters is part of my series of work commemorating people, places and events...
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THE BIRDS NESTS-An art Installation by Nature Artist Charron Pugsley-Hill


THE BIRDS NESTS are an art installation created in Ferry Meadows Country Park, Peterborough  as part of my art residency that has been funded by The Arts Council England until September 2017. Considering the presence of the extensive osier beds alongside the River Nene for many years I knew as a nature and installation artist...
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ALONE -A WINTER painting Charron Pugsley-Hill Artist-in-Residence Ferry Meadows Country Park Peterborough


As I focus on my series of art inspired by the seasons and my residency post at Ferry Meadows Country Park and The Nene Park Trust in Peterborough, I am finding such pleasure in the simple things of life. Just walking with my dog in the park on cold winters days with little human company,...
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I am JUST a TREE…..by WWI Commemoration Artist Charron Pugsley-Hill


I am just a tree…… I stand tall and proud in Western Road, Sheffield, a road lined with houses in a busy, bustling city, in Yorkshire, in England, in the world.   When I was planted in 1919 as a sapling,  this street was quiet, a legacy from the war just gone. I heard the...
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THE FIRES OF AUTUMN An original painting by Peterborough Nature Artist Charron Pugsley-Hill


When I became Artist-in-Residence at Ferry Meadows Country Park in Peterborough I was grateful for the focus and the space it could create to enable me to develop myself and my art. As a self taught artist I want each project that I undertake to enable me to learn about myself, new techniques, the subjects...
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WINTER WASHING AN ART INSTALLATION by Peterborough Artist Charron Pugsley-Hill


One day a few weeks ago I was painting in my studio and felt that someone was watching me. I looked up to see one of Father Christmas’s chief elves peering through his spectacles at me. I know who he was because I have actually met the real Father Christmas twice on visits to Lapland...
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