The Gallery

     PASSCHAENDALE LANDS THE LAMENT OF WOMENTHE FLOWERS OF EASTON WALLED GARDENS by flower artist Charron Pugsley-HillAn installation as Artist-in-Residence at Ferry Meadows Country ParkIMG_7956                            IMG_5223 IMG_6450                       IMG_6376 IMG_6955                      HARVEST GOLD Charron Pugsley-Hill     IMG_5769                            FLUTTERBY CUSHION CHARRON PUGSLEY-HILL inflandersfield                               IMG_0009 FLORALIA AT PETERBOROUGH GREEN FESTIVAL                            THE HARE AND THE ECIPSE THE FLOWERS OF BARNSDALE GARDENS original painting by Charron Pugsley-Hill                       O02A9689-cloudy           giraffe                               elephant OPOWLTW1                        IMG_6535