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World War I -Commemorating Significant Places, People and Events from 1915-1918.

This series of work is all about World War I (WWI)-telling some of the stories of the places,people and events from 1915-1918 in art some of which will be focused on links with Peterborough where I am based and some will be nationally and internationally focused.

WWI is an iconic fascinating part of our history and as the years go by many of the stories are being lost to the new generations that come along. This work is about commemorating these events in vibrant , colourful art and about telling these stories to ensure that they are not lost and that we all learn and connect with these people and places from our past moving into the future.


It is not something I planned to do! I only intended to paint one painting for the 100th anniversary of the beginning of WWI in 2014 and then it all just followed on a natural process of creation which now I have to continue through until 2018 and maybe beyond. Now it is a major part of my work for the next few years and you can see more information in the blogs on this website or on the pages in this section for each year.

1914 has been completed with the creation of 3 large vibrant paintings commemorating The Battle of Mons, The Battle of Le Cateau and The Christmas Truce. You can see the images and read the stories on the 1914 page in this section.


1915 has begun with the creation of a painting based on the Gallipoli Campaign. Other work this year will include EDITH CAVELL-THE BLANKET OF POPPIES and has alredy included work painted on site in Ypres Belgium commemorating the poem by John McCrae that led to the poppy being adopted as a symbol of remembrance. Please see the 1915 page for more information on these works and contact me happyart@charonpugsleyhill.com.